As we all know that the the liver diseases are emerging worldwide rapidly. I have already posted some articles in order to provide a basic information of the liver disease for the public awareness. The most common liver problem includes Hepatitis C... The symptoms of  Hepatitis C is already discussed in one of my article. I am trying to find out that how many people are having these symptoms with them.

I want to make sure that now in 2013 you don't need to be worried at all. The Treatment of Hepatitis is discovered. Please share your concerns so that i can help you in order to guide you properly. Your contribution with us can really provides an edge for our readers.

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liver disease

yellow eyes

pale yellow skin

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  1. My cousin has had yellow skin and eyes for a month now, we suspected she had a liver problem because her high alcohol intake but ended up to be diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.


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