In my previous post of what is hepatitis? I have already described in detail now this post is about "how one get a hepatitis c ", Before you read the following points the main thing you need to keep in your mind is Hepatitis C is caused by the special kind of virus which lives in your liver cells. Following is the main point due to which Hepatitis C virus occurs.

  • Hepatitis C occurs when your blood comes in contact with the blood of the person having Hepatits C virus in his blood.
This means that every method of treatment where there is possibility of blood interaction needs to be handled very carefully. Sharing of needles and other equipments such as cotton spoons and water can transmit the virus from one to another easily. The interaction of blood also occurs during blood transfusion but in this modern era its very hard chances for one to get hepatitis c virus through blood transfusion as all donated blood is first scanned for hepatitis c virus then used. The other rare case is during child birth, If a mother have hepatitis c virus and it is transmitted to a baby, as i said it is a very rare case. I want to share one more message to our youth if you are having sex with more then one life partner then there is a high risk of Hepatitis C.

Above are the main causes through which one gets Hepatitis C. If you preserve security measure you can avoid from this kind of fatal disease, Again every activity in which blood interacts have high rate of chances to get hepatitis c virus. So before go ahead with all these thing preserve security measure you will be safe.

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